What Is The Process Of The Tube Of The Nylon Cable Tie?

Tube mold method is: the nylon tape with tubular polypropylene film extrusion, quenching to 0 degrees C, and then heated to 100 degrees, tubular mold in the air pressure axial inflation 2 to 10 times, Man's air basin and the speed of the central roller to adjust. Nylon Cable Tie extrusion extrusion process is: with a narrow die die extrusion thick polypropylene film, the film directly to the longitudinal stretching roller, the longitudinal stretch. Nylon cable tie, stainless Nylon Cable Tie, steel nail line card, nylon cable tie manufacturers of two longitudinal stretching roller speed range. The first group of rollers is heated and softened by heating the nylon tape. The second set of rollers is faster than the first group and is stretched. After extending from the longitudinal stretching device, the film enters the tenter to carry out the transverse stretching, and the film is cooled by the hot air bake and cooled into the take-up roller. The tenter has a series of clips on the drive chain, which clamps the sides of the film for lateral stretching. Throughout the operation, you must precisely control the temperature so that you can get customer satisfaction.

To produce a non-shrinkage oriented nylon tape, the film is immediately subjected to heat setting treatment after stretching. The heat setting is carried out at a higher temperature, and the film is sandwiched by a clip. Nylon cable tie, stainless Nylon Cable Tie, steel nail lines, Nylon Cable Tie manufacturers heat treatment of the film is no longer the ability to retract, and maintain stability, its elongation, optical properties and physical properties unchanged. The heat-setting oriented polypropylene film is characterized by good resistance to low temperature, good rigidity and excellent water permeability.