Types Of Lock Nuts

First is with two nut on the same bolt, attach a tightening torque between the two nuts, bolt is connected securely. Second is dedicated to the jam nut, needs, and can be used a check washer. Special lock nut is not a hex nut, but a round nut, the circumference of the nut is provided with 3, 4, 6 or 8 gap (depending on the nut size, and manufacturer product range varies), the focal point of these gaps is not only tighten the tool, and check washer clip snaps into place.
Third is the outer surface to the inner circle of the nut thread threaded holes drilled through the surface (typically 2 outside circle surface of 90 distribution) to screwed into the small diameters of the countersunk head screws, thread purpose is subjected to a centripetal force to prevent locking nut loosened. Market, good quality nut nut inside a round face framed consistent with the lock nuts threaded brass scrap, used to avoid radial screws directly contact with the locked thread and damage to the latter. The lock nut on a rotating shaft locking of moving parts gradually began to be used, such as locking ball screw mounting end bearings.
Fourth kind of lock nuts are made up of two parts, each part having staggered cam, due to the internal wedge design slope angle of oblique angles larger than the bolt nut, this combination will tightly biting into a whole, when there is a vibration occurs, DISC-LOCK locknut bulge between dislocation and rising tension, so as to achieve excellent locking effect. Locking fifth structure, through improved design at the thread structure, without the aid of other external.