The Role And Production Process Of Polyethylene(PE) Flexible Pipe

Polyethylene(PE) Flexible Pipe in our lives has been widely used through different piping facilities, is our current construction indispensable important products. So what is the role of Polyethylene(PE) Flexible Pipe? Pe polyethylene production process which? In order to allow more friends to have a comprehensive understanding of the following Xiaobian will bring a comprehensive introduction to friends, hope through the following Of the introduction to allow friends to have a higher awareness of this product receipt.

Pe What is the effect of Polyethylene(PE) Flexible Pipe?

Polyethylene tube (polyethylene tube) installed in the liquid delivery system, to compensate for the pipeline or the machine and equipment connected to the end of the displacement of each other to absorb vibration energy, can play a vibration, silencer and other effects, with good flexibility, Corrosion resistance, anti-fatigue, high and low temperature resistance and many other characteristics, it plays a significant role.

Pe polyethylene production process which?

Currently there are many companies with polyethylene technology, with LDPE technology has seven, LLDPE and full density technology companies have 10, HDPE technology companies have 12. From the technical development point of view, high-pressure production of LDPE PE resin production technology is mature method, kettle type and tube process technology are mature, the current two production technology at the same time coexist. Foreign companies generally use low temperature and high activity catalyst initiated polymerization system, can reduce the reaction temperature and pressure. High pressure production of LDPE will be large-scale, tube-oriented direction. The low pressure production of HDPE and LLDPE, mainly using titanium and network catalyst, Europe and Japan are mostly used titanium catalyst, and most of the United States using network catalyst. At present, the main application of polyethylene production technology shared 11 species, China's PE production process has 8, then the following look at the specific process:

1, high pressure tube and kettle reaction process;

2, Mitsui chemical low pressure silt method CX process;

3, BP gas phase Innovene production process;

4, Chevron - Phillips company double loop reactor LPE process;

5, the Nordic chemical North Star (Bastar) Shuangfeng process;

6, low pressure gas phase Unipol process;

7, Basel Polyolefin company Hostalen process;

8, Sclartech solution production process;

Through the above Xiaobian for friends to bring the answer, then for the Polyethylene(PE) Flexible Pipe this building materials friends is not a more clear understanding and understanding of the role of Polyethylene(PE) Flexible Pipe can not be discounted, this is Kind of material production process, but also to our building development has brought unpredictable good development.