The Material Of The Waterproof Junction Box

Today we talk about the waterproof junction box material, to understand a product from the initial raw materials.

The main materials of waterproof junction box are: plastic (ABS / PC), glass fiber, iron, stainless steel and so on. Different material prices are different, similar use.

Plastic Waterproof Box - ABS Material:

The plastic waterproof case material is mainly ABS resin (acrylonitrile-styrene-butadiene copolymer, ABS is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene acronym) is a high strength, good toughness, easy processing and molding of thermoplastic polymers material. Because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, it is often used to manufacture plastic waterproof box.

The color of the waterproof box made of this material is generally industrial gray, opaque, and can be added according to the needs of customers. Because the use of different occasions, there have been anti-radiation, fire and other waterproof box.

Household electrical safety is considered a top priority in the home decoration, waterproof junction box, it can play a protective wire and connect the role of the wire, it is an integral part of the safety requirements of the people now more and more High, waterproof junction box, has become a home appliance security protection.

Waterproof junction box features to ensure safety

The current waterproof junction box is widely used in the environment of the site of the harsh site and the open field, in the choice of the first time should be aware of the safety performance of products, consider the impact resistance of materials, insulation properties, anti-aging properties, non-toxic performance, corrosion resistance Wait. In particular, non-toxic performance has become the main indicator of the purchase, mainly because when the waterproof junction box encountered a fire situation, even if the combustion will not release toxic gases.

Waterproof junction box material, whether environmental protection

As the waterproof junction box manufacturers choose the same raw materials, resulting in its performance can not be consistent. If the mounting socket in the terminal box is fitted with a brass insert. Waterproof junction box commonly used materials are: ABS, polycarbonate, polycarbonate and ABS mixture.

Waterproof junction box appearance, choose beautiful

In addition to understanding the performance and materials of the junction box, you should also consider the overall strength of the waterproof junction box, the degree of beauty, and whether it is easy to install and easy to install. Also, choose the wall thickness of the appropriate products, ABS and PC materials, the wall thickness is generally between 2.5-3.5, glass fiber reinforced polyester is generally between 5-6.5.