The Basic Requirements For The Cooling Cable Gland

Cold shrink Cable Gland with a unique pre-expansion technology, making a model to adapt to a variety of cable diameter, cable wire diameter compatibility. Cold shrink Cable Gland from the structure, for the overall prefabricated compact design, internal shielding, electrical stress control, insulation and external shielding integration. Cold shrink Cable Gland can be used in cable bridge, buried, overhead and other occasions. Silicone rubber material itself determines the cooling Cable Gland has a considerable use temperature range.

When installing the cooling Cable Gland, the cooling Cable Gland will be relied upon by its own elastic retractor so that it can be attached to the cable, it is simple to install, without hot or special tools. , Easy to master. Cold shrink Cable Gland pretreatment, open stripping distance is short, the installation space needs to be small, constant force spring grounding, do not need welding or copper tied line, more efficient and reliable. Each set of cold shrink Cable Glands are individually packaged and equipped with illustrations.

Connect a cable to another cable to a cable-cooled Cable Gland. Cold shrink Cable Gland from the connection conductor, insulation, sealing and protection.

The basic requirements for the cooling Cable Gland: cold shrink Cable Gland and cable terminal are safe operation of the cable in the weak links, so the selection and construction requirements to pay special attention to, 10kV and below the structure of cold shrink Cable Gland basically As with the terminal, it consists of four parts: the freezing of the retreat, the strengthening of the dimension, the waterproof seal and the mechanical protection. The basic requirements for the cooling Cable Gland are as follows:

① conductor connection is good. Requiring a good connection between the cable core and the connecting pipe, so that the contact resistance at the connection is small and stable.

② reliable insulation. There must be to meet the cable line in a variety of long-term safe operation of the insulation structure, and a certain margin.

③ good seal. Cold-shrinkable cable glands require good sealing.

④ mechanical protection is better. The metal housing of the cold-shrinkable Cable Gland is a key part of the protective insulation and acts as a mechanical protection at the joint.