Standard Specification For Trunk Installation Of Metal Cable Gland

(2) metal Cable Gland cable bridge of the total layout should be the shortest distance to meet the construction and installation, cable laying requirements.

(3) Horizontal laying of staircase or perforated tray is not less than 2.5m above ground level; the height of the trunking and non-perforated tray is not less than 2.2m. But in the electrical room (such as power distribution room, electric shaft, technical layer) except.

(4) When the bridge is laid vertically, it shall be protected by metal cover at the following part of 1.8m, except that it can be installed in the electrical room. In the case of

(5) metal Cable Gland cable bridge multi-layer laying its inter-layer distance is generally: ① the layout of the bridge roof or other obstacles should not be less than 0.3m. ② power cable bridge spacing should not be less than 0.3m. ③ control cable between the bridge should not be less than 0.2m. ④ weakness and cable bridge and power cable bridge between the bridge should not be less than 0.5m, if the shield cover can be reduced to 0.3m.

(6) The following different voltage for different purposes of the cable in addition to the conditions can only be installed on the same bridge and the use of partitions separated, should not be laid on the same bridge. ① 1kv or more and 1kv below the cable. ② strong power, weakness, control cable ③ emergency lighting and other lighting cables ④ to the primary load power supply dual power cable

(7) several groups of cables at the same height of the laying of the adjacent cable between the bridge should be considered maintenance, maintenance needs, generally not less than 0.6m.

(8) cable bridge horizontal laying, the support span is generally 1.5-3m, vertical laying, the fixed point spacing is not greater than 2m. When the bending radius of the bridge is not less than 300mm, a support shall be provided on the straight section of the line between the bending section and the straight section at 300-600mm. When the bending radius is more than 300mm, a hanging hanger shall be added in the middle of the bending section. In the out of the box, cabinet and deformation joints and T-junction three-terminal 500mm inside the support.

(9) cable bridge can be used expansion pipe bolts or embedded iron welding method of welding.