PE Flexible Pipe Are Widely Used In Urban And Rural Water Supply And Drainage Works

PE Flexible Pipe are made of monomer ethylene polymerization, suitable for all types of irrigation field irrigation, widely used in urban and rural water supply and drainage works. Adapt to a variety of terrain, climate change.

PE Flexible Pipe fittings in the production process due to the impact of the environment, the pipe surface will form a certain defect, such as the surface roughness or appearance of groove defects and other defects.

If the PE Flexible Pipe fittings manufacturers surface rough, may be because the host head temperature is too high or too low, resulting in rough surface. Core mold temperature is low, the body temperature is too low, easily lead to rough surface. The cooling water temperature is too high and the surface is rough. Reduce the cooling water temperature, PP-R the best cooling water temperature of twenty to thirty degrees Celsius. In this case PE Flexible Pipe fittings manufacturers should check the waterway, whether there is congestion and water pressure phenomenon, check the heating ring is damaged, check the performance of raw materials, consult raw material suppliers, clean up the mold core temperature, if higher than the die section Temperature, open the core thermostat, check and clean the mold for impurities.

And if the PE Flexible Pipe appearance appears groove marks, PE Flexible Pipe fittings manufacturers should check and adjust the sizing of the set of water, pressure balance, adjust the spray nozzle angle, so that the pipe cooling evenly, check the sizing sets, cutting machines and other objects exist debris ,glitch.

PE Flexible Pipe fittings repair method:

   PE Flexible Pipe wall of the outer wall of the damaged parts of the wall or broken 0.1m or less when the hole with a scraper will be broken pipe wall or hole completely removed, remove the area around 0.05m with cyclohexanone clean, brush water resistance good plastic bonding Agent; and then removed from the corresponding parts of the corresponding parts of the damaged area of 2 times the area of the curved plate, the wall coated with adhesive attached to the damaged parts, with lead wire banding fixed. If the outer wall of the tube has ribs, the damaged parts within the 0.05m within the ribs removed, scraping without ribs, to take the same method to remedy.

   PE Flexible Pipe wall of the local or smaller parts of the cracks or holes within 0.02m, the first tube of water can be removed, with cotton yarn will be damaged parts of clean up, and then with cyclohexyl ketone brush base surface, brushing water resistance Plastic adhesive; and from the use of the corresponding parts of the PE Flexible Pipe to remove the size of similar to the shape of the plate, the adhesive, with geotextile wrapped fixed, curing 24 hours after the complex soil.