Nylon Hose Applications

Field of automotive wiring harness
Nylon hose in auto parts industry in the, main should for car line beam Assembly, which including: car various air conditioning pipeline nursing casing, and line beam corrugated tube, and line beam flame retardant corrugated tube, and car ventilation tube, and refrigerated transport vehicles drop tube, and car with line beam tube, and car brake system nursing casing, and car oil and gas tube, and machine line beam tube, various car corrugated tube, and air conditioning drop tube. Construction industry
In the field of architecture and decoration, because nylon bellows corrosion resistance, impact resistance, ageing resistance, high strength, flexible, convenient construction and so on: can be used in outdoor communication conduit systems for cable and cable sheathing, including interoffice trunking pipelines, wires and tubes, feeder piping, wiring and private network pipelines as well as special long-distance pipelines. Strong, suitable for cables, wires, and many other cable wear. Machinery and electronics
Due to its excellent performance characteristics of nylon bellows, in the machinery manufacturing industry, was widely used in the electrical, mechanical, machine tool jacket tube, wire and tube. While plastic corrugated pipe adapter and all kinds of reasonable, well the mechanical Assembly and mechanical interface.