Nylon Cable Tie Use Classification

Nylon Cable Tie as a bundle of supplies, a wide range of uses, I believe that friends have a certain understanding of it. Moreover, according to the different use of Nylon Cable Tie, but also divided into several categories, and the characteristics will be different, today, Xiaobian will explain in detail for everyone, the use of nylon cable tie classification.

    Nylon Cable Tie use Category:

    1, self-locking nylon cable: Material: Teflon. Features: with a flat tooth design uniform, the head of a stall design, easy to bundle is not easy to trip, to withstand strong, flame retardant, temperature corrosion, not aging.

    2, can be loose nylon cable: Material: UL recognized nylon 66 made of material. Features: can be used more quickly and easily.

    3, bead-type Nylon Cable Tie: Material: nylon 66. Uses: fire rating 94V-2, acid corrosion, not aging. The head with perforation and keyhole can be retreated, reusable type, convenient and quick to use.

    4, signs of Nylon Cable Tie: Material: nylon 66. Features: fire rating 94V-2, acid corrosion, not aging. The front of the cable is marked with a blank sign and can be marked with an oil pen on it.

    5, with a card tie (internal standard); Material: nylon 66. Features: cable with a white sign at the front, you can use the oil pen in the above signs mark

    6, the base fixed cable (also known as car cable): Material: nylon 66. Features: with a cap, high tension, used in the automotive industry

    7, stainless steel embedded tape: Material: nylon 66. Features: with good insulation properties, flame retardant, easy to operate, save the province and other characteristics

    8, bolt nylon cable: Material: nylon 66. Features: the head can be stuck into the hole and then the object can be tightened, easy to operate and easy to fix.

    9, double button nylon tape: Material: nylon 66. Features: In the head of the cable design of the two keyhole, is to even a fixed object when they have a separate role, economical and convenient

    Nylon Cable Tie use different, its characteristics will be very obvious difference, if friends need to use Nylon Cable Tie, we must pay attention to their use, and then choose their own Nylon Cable Tie.