Nylon Cable Tie Quality Is Good Or Bad How To Judge

Nylon cable tie as the daily life of the more common products, people use the probability is also great, if the use of Nylon Cable Tie quality is not good, its quality of life is certainly influential. So, as ordinary people, how to buy hard enough nylon cable tie it? There are many ways to judge the quality of Nylon Cable Tie, such as Nylon Cable Tie, Nylon Cable Tie, etc., which can determine the quality of Nylon Cable Tie, but these methods for ordinary friends Said it still does not apply. And determine the quality of Nylon Cable Tie, the most intuitive judge from the appearance of starting.

Nylon tie this product, we from the shape to determine its quality is good or bad, under normal circumstances, we first concerned about the edge of the flaws, irregular, there are many burrs, etc., as well as look at the color when there is anxious situation, or The color is very complex, uneven color, etc .; die-casting process, carefully check the cable inside, whether there is a small bubble, or whether there is deformation of the situation, shrink and so on. And the most important thing is to observe the key part of the Nylon Cable Tie are the two parts of the tooth belt and the head cavity, we observe the two parts of the time to pay attention to the teeth can not be part of the teeth or uneven teeth , Tooth cavity within the mold may not deviate from the traces, or there will be sliding teeth or teeth of the situation, the quality will be worse can not wear teeth, this type of nylon cable tie is equivalent to the waste tape is not normal use.

In fact, the nylon cable tie shape judgment method, the principle is very simple, we all know, poor quality of the product shape will not be very good, and Nylon Cable Tie is a very simple product, to the whole structure, flawed products , The quality is certainly not very good, so we should choose to remove the nylon cable tie to the outside.