Nylon -46;nylon 46 Properties

Property: name poly adipic acid dibutyl Amine (referred to as polyamide-46). A new type of thermoplastic resins. 1.24 density, melting point ℃ 278-308. Has a high thermal stability, high softening temperature 170 ° c, nylon 66 to 120 ℃, impact strength than nylon 6, nylon 66 and polyethylene terephthalate to twice times, and 3 times times the abrasion resistance is nylon-6 and has excellent corrosion-resistant properties. Nylon 46 made greatly inferior to other nylon engineering plastics, known as the enemy of ordinary nylon. Made with 1,4-diamine and adipic acid butyl nylon 46 salt (nylon46 salt;tetramethylene diamine adipate), and condensation.
Density: 1.24, melting point: dissolve 278~308℃: quite insoluble, solubility in 98% acid 45%, slightly soluble in trifluoroacetic acid, but can be dissolved in sulfuric acid 98%. Uses: can be used as plastics, reinforced rubber products, high temperature resistant fiber, preparation of the various components can withstand high temperature and mechanical stress, such as automobiles, aircraft engines, internal combustion engines and steam power equipment parts. Preparation or source: made with 1,4-diamine and adipic acid butyl nylon 46 salt, then condensation is made. Note: has very high thermal stability, abrasion resistance, good impact resistance, and good corrosion resistance.