Low-voltage Cable Gland Waterproof Method

Own experience, for reference, in order to make judgments or measures, at your own risk:

1: Each low-voltage cable alone with insulating tape 1/2 stacked two or more layers.

2: with mica with 1/2 stack around two layers;

3: The Cable Gland with a glass ribbon wrapped, 1/2 winding wound two layers;

4: After treatment with epoxy resin or insulating varnish and drying / drying;

5: Put a layer of heat shrink tube on the outermost layer.

We are on the operation of the Cable Gland should be how to maintain, use, maintenance, maintenance has always been one of today's Crown Connector Co., Ltd. tell you how to maintain the operation of the Cable Gland

First, the first Cable Gland cable trench maintenance:

1, Check the cable channel is smooth access to the channel ditch, the groove if water should be excluded, and to identify the reasons for water, take plugging measures and found that dirt should be cleared trench.

2, check the Cable Gland cable trench fire and ventilation equipment is perfect, and record the trench temperature.

3, check the Cable Gland cable and the terminal box connector leaks and the flow of oil, the ground is good.

4, check whether the stent off and corrosion, cable scrape on the bracket.

Second, followed by the indoor and outdoor Cable Gland cable and terminal head maintenance:

1, check the terminal box there is no water, voids or cracks.

2, check the terminal without leakage of plastic phenomenon, such as leakage of glue found, should be immediately sealed with asphalt, insulating glue dissatisfaction, the application of the same insulating plastic Tim full.

3, check for signs of corona discharge and clean the Cable Gland.