How To Maintain The Running Cable Gland?

How should we maintain, use, maintain and maintain the Cable Gland in operation? Today, the Crown Connector Co., Ltd. tells you how to maintain the running Cable Gland

First, the first Cable Gland cable trench maintenance:

1, check the Cable Gland cable groove access channel is smooth, if the water within the ditch should be ruled out, and to identify the reasons for the water, to take plugging measures, found dirty dirty should be removed.

2, check the Cable Gland cable trench within the fire and ventilation equipment is perfect and record the temperature inside the trench.

3, check the Cable Gland cable and terminal box connector is leaky glue and gurgling oil, grounding is good.

4, check the stent with or without corrosion, the cable on the stent whether the scratches.

Second, followed by the indoor and outdoor Cable Gland cable and terminal maintenance:

1, check the terminal box with no water, voids or cracks.

2, check the terminal head whether the phenomenon of leakage of glue, such as the discovery of leakage of plastic, should be immediately sealed with asphalt, insulating plastic dissatisfaction, the application of the same insulation filled with plastic.

3, check the presence of corona discharge traces and clean the Cable Gland.