How To Judge The Quality Of The Test In Nylon Cable Tie

Nylon Cable Tie Applications With the development of the economy, the advanced application of socialized production is becoming increasingly broad, covering almost all areas of application. As a result, the manufacture of Nylon Cable Tie manufacturers are increasing year by year, but the technology, quality, and so are very different, good and bad filled the entire consumer goods market.

As a nylon cable tie user, also need to have the basic choice of reference knowledge, in order to facilitate the purchase of the most suitable for their own needs to meet the needs of the most cost-effective value of the nylon cable tie products.

1. Appearance quality (that is, the naked eye can identify)

Ordinary plastic products will have such as defective, lack of material, anxious, silver, bubbles, deformation, shrink, and so easy to produce bad products. These are also more readily visible on nylon ties, which require a detailed view of their appearance, although some do not affect the use, but still lead to potential threats to quality accidents.

It is worth noting that the key part of the nylon cable tie is the quality of the toothed belt and the head cavity, which is critical, so the toothed part should be carefully observed, can not appear residual teeth phenomenon, the tooth surface part of the top should not There is a step-like mold deviation from the mark, otherwise, there will be a lot of can not use the sliding teeth, interspersed with the difficult situation, almost equivalent to waste, can not be used.

These problems are careful attention, as a simple side of the phenomenon, the edge is too large, then interspersed with the Ministry of teeth and the head of the tooth cavity fit is not easy to loose loose teeth.

The conventional rule is that all the products that remove the special necessary requirements, the color of the product is the best, it is axiom. Good nylon cable tie should be translucent clear, even if the color is slightly yellowing, no muddy black. The quality of the material is also related to the quality of a focus on the plastic after several high-temperature melting screw shear, the molecular structure of the state will change, especially for the production of nylon cable tie PA66, the more obvious, nylon The superior wear-resistant, stretchability makes the product in the cable ties a rich application.

Performance quality

Nylon Cable Tie the most important focus is the assessment of its deduction, applied to a certain intensity, whether it is broken, or anti-tooth, head cracking, how a break must be in the nominal value of tension above, as some users feel The quality of the tie is not good and some of the selected specifications, can not be paranoid that the quality of the tie is not good, because a standard product standard value of the pull are bottom, when the use of the state required more than the standard Big, it can not guarantee, and can only choose to replace the higher tension specifications of the product replacement, of course, the cost will rise, which is no way to do things. Of course, the quality of the cable tie is flexible, excellent ductility, will not appear directly when the fracture cross section, not brittle This can also be a greater degree of user satisfaction to meet the requirements of the scope of application, so as to achieve the possibility of reducing costs.