How Much Is The Price Of The Waterproof Junction Box?

Where is the waterproof junction box installed? Waterproof junction box installation is generally based on the specific use of the environment to set, I would like to remind the general use of the Secretary:

1, do distribution box waterproof junction box may be installed in the wall, poles and other places, indoor and outdoor are possible, with the safety of electricity, waterproof and dustproof.

2, do button boxes are generally installed as auxiliary components to the machine surface, auxiliary machine easy to use, such as customers have used to control the button box.

3, portable waterproof box, may be used to do the mobile power distribution equipment, easy to use electricity safety, but also to do waterproof and dustproof effect.

Waterproof connector is generally used and waterproof junction box supporting the use of such junction box is generally called the connector waterproof box or terminal waterproof box, according to the number of openings we have one into one, one into the two into a more out of the waterproof box, This includes the following considerations:

 1, waterproof connector is generally installed on the plastic waterproof box on a wall, so the requirements for the hole is to achieve the joint of the external thread size on it.

 2, consider wiring and opening. At least one into one, which involves at least two waterproof joints and two boxes on the wall openings, so be sure to figure out the size and location of the hole and the size of the waterproof connector.

 3, regardless of the terminal box terminal or other electrical components, have to be waterproof connector to wiring, to ensure waterproof performance.

How much is the price of the waterproof junction box? Waterproof junction box prices according to the material, manufacturers, orders are different:

1, the material used. Material back to material, ABS, ABS and PC alloy, PC materials and other, in turn, the price is getting higher and higher.

2, where the manufacturers. Wenzhou Liu City as the electrical capital, product sources, more advantages, the price naturally relatively cheap.

3, the order quantity, the more the more the price of the order, welcome QQ advice

4, model size, in general, the larger the size of the model size, the higher the price of the box, unless the different materials will be different in price.