How Does The Running Cable Gland Be Maintained?

How should we maintain, use, maintain and maintain the Cable Gland in operation? Today, the Crown Connector Co., Ltd. tells you how to maintain the running Cable Gland

First, the first Cable Gland cable trench maintenance:

1, check the Cable Gland cable groove access channel is smooth, if the water within the ditch should be ruled out, and to identify the reasons for water, to take plugging measures, found that dirty dirt should be removed.

2, check the Cable Gland cable trench within the fire and ventilation equipment is perfect, and record the temperature inside the ditch.

3, check the Cable Gland cable and terminal box connector is leaky glue and gurgling oil, grounding is good.

4, check the stent with or without corrosion and corrosion, whether the cable on the bracket scratches.

Second, followed by the indoor and outdoor Cable Gland cable and terminal maintenance:

1, check the terminal box with no water, voids or cracks.

2, check the end of the head there is no leakage of glue phenomenon, such as the discovery of leakage of plastic, should be immediately sealed with asphalt, insulating plastic dissatisfaction, the application of the same insulating plastic fill.

3, check the presence of corona discharge traces and clean the Cable Gland.

Cable Gland sealing performance is the key to moisture-proof, so the need for cylindrical plug-type terminal solder / pressure connection to ensure that the Cable Gland line sealing. Non-oil-tight type is generally used in low-voltage cable, called copper or aluminum terminal. , Cold pressure terminal? , More than (including) 10m2 should be applied Chapter IV control equipment and mortgage electrical medium-voltage copper terminal, the main material has been included in the quota. Ask you not to connect the general pressure, no welding .16 cable head is generally dry Package, pouring / heat shrink, look at the provisions, generally do not consider. 17. Cabinet wiring in general, the company specializes in the production of cold-pressing terminal (referred to as: wiring nose) products are the main material of metal copper composition due to too many product models, each model which is divided into five colors and brass copper, the most Good is 16MM2 aluminum wire replaced by 10MM2 copper! If you can not change, you can use the terminal connection (copper) connection, you can also use copper and aluminum over-tube crimp, and then wrapped with insulating tape! , 4LC safe pressure wire cap see 3-8, 2.1.5 related content. Casing: casing with copper casing, aluminum casing and copper transition casing three, the selection should be used with the corresponding wire specifications of the same material casing. Terminals (wiring nose): the choice should be based on the number of wires and the total cut, the terminal must set the amount of wire connection, the terminal connection in many forms, the terminal is only one, as well as cable head, copper nose ah! General 6mm2 and below the terminal wire connection on the set without terminal external connection. Other large cable sets of welding terminals, pressure line terminals. The top of the terminal, a hole can be connected to up to two copper nose, three 240 wires in parallel to go much current ah you can put two of the 240 wire pressure on a 400 copper nose ah, say it so strenuous, you Simply how good with the copper row, there will be a significant pressure drop, this time if your lighting is incandescent lamp, you will see a very bright and dark changes.