General Classification Of Nylon Hose

Nylon threaded nylon hose hose divided into standard and flame retardant polyamide flexible pipe.
Standard nylon hose
Standard nylon hose and wave-shaped, color, usually black, there are other colors, some can also speak, stringing more convenient.
Features: good elasticity, wind resistant, good bending properties, can withstand a heavy load; acid, lubricants, coolants, such as, glossy surface, rub; can withstand the weight of foot, does not break, no deformation, can be quickly restored and itself without any damage.
Flame retardant polyamide flexible pipe
Flame retardant nylon hose and wave-shaped, color is black.
Its characteristics: flame retardant polyamide flexible pipe in addition to standard nylon hose has the features, the lubrication is better, higher friction resistance, rebound faster recovery, work environment that can be adapted to higher temperatures.