Flexible Conduit Connector Play An Indispensable Role

Flexible Conduit Connector The use of liquid cooling technology to reduce the heat generated by electronic products is widely used, including game consoles, supercomputers and medical equipment. But the most recognized technology in today's data center industry is that server manufacturers are turning to liquid cooling technology to achieve cost-effective and efficient thermal management. Especially the Flexible Conduit Connector in the cooling system performance and reliability has played an indispensable role.

Flexible Conduit Connector For a long time, the formation of cost-effective safety cooling system to eliminate waste heat, the data center is an increasingly serious problem. Over the past decade, the energy consumed by the server has risen sharply as the power density of the server rack has risen. Ten years ago, Flexible Conduit Connector a single server rack consumes 250W to 1.5kW of power, and today's racks consume about 10 kW. The next decade, the expected power consumption will reach 50kW. Moreover, Flexible Conduit Connector it is estimated that by 2020, CO2 generated by the data center industry will be flat with the amount generated by the aviation industry.

Flexible Conduit Connector Traditionally, the data center uses air to heat. However, the way to cool air through the server stand to eliminate heat is inefficient and costly. 60 percent of air-conditioning is lost due to bypass and air mixing, and cooling costs may be higher than the cost of running the server.Flexible Conduit Connector With the speed of the computer server to speed up and the data center rack density rise, hope that through the air flow to achieve the idea of full cooling is not realistic.

Flexible Conduit Connector On the other hand, from a quantitative point of view, the efficiency of water storage and migration is 3,500 times higher than that of air. In fact, in a recent survey for a variety of industries, 41% of respondents believe that the combination of air and liquid cooling is the main cooling method of the data center. The liquid cooling is to improve the cooling efficiency while reducing the cost of air conditioning the best choice.

Flexible Conduit Connector The use of liquid for computer cooling can be traced back to the mid-1960s, when IBM (American International Business Machines Corporation) carried out liquid cooling on its 704 mainframe. Nearly 50 years later,Flexible Conduit Connector IBM recently used a processor-level liquid cooling technology for a supercomputer in a Swiss university to cool the processor through a water cycle and then pump it to a floor heating system so that waste heat could be used for heat. According to IBM, the energy consumption of the liquid cooling system is 40% less than the former, and the waste heat reuse reduces the carbon footprint by about 85% compared to the air cooling server.