Familiar With The Installation Requirements Of The Cable Gland

1, the production of Cable Gland, cable terminals and connectors, starting from the stripping cable should be continuous operation until the completion of shortening the insulation exposure time. Stripping the cable should not damage the wire core and retain it

Of the insulation layer. Additional insulation wrap, assembly, heat shrink, etc. should be cleaned.

2, oil-filled cable lines have joints, should first make the joints; both ends of the difference, should be made low first terminal.

3, cable terminals and joints should be taken to strengthen the insulation, sealed moisture, mechanical protection and other measures. 6kV and above the power cable terminal and connector, should still have to improve the cable shield end

Electric field concentration of effective measures, and should ensure that the outer insulation phase and ground distance. 66kV and above cross-linked cable terminals and connectors made before the cable should be required to heat straightening. installation

The process should be in accordance with the installation instructions and installation drawings.

4, three-core oil and paper insulated cable should be retained package insulation 25mm, shall not be damaged. Stripped shielded carbon ink, the end should be flat. Bending the core should be uniform force, should not be damaged

Insulated paper; core bending radius should not be less than 10 times its diameter. When wrapped or filled with insulating material, the waterproof connector should remove the air gap at the core branch.

5, oil-filled cable terminals and connectors wrapped around additional insulation, shall not be completely closed pressure box. In the production and vacuum treatment, the oil from the cable in the oil should be discharged in time, not

Accumulate in porcelain sets or shells.

6, cable core connection, should remove the core and connecting pipe wall oil and oxide layer. Crimping mold and fittings should be appropriate. Compression ratio should meet the requirements. After crimping should be

The crown on the terminal or connecting tube is smooth and can not be burnt. Use soldering copper core, should use neutral solder paste, not burn insulation.

7, three-core power Cable Gland on both sides of the cable metal shield (or metal sets), armor layer should be connected well, not interrupted. Direct access to the metal connector of the Cable Gland and

The metal sheath of the cable should be treated as a preservative.

8, three-core power cable terminal metal sheath must be well grounded; plastic cable for each phase of copper shield and steel armor should be welding ground wire. When the cable passes through the zero sequence current transformer,

Cable metal sheath and ground wire to be insulated, the cable grounding point in the transformer below, the ground wire should be directly grounded; grounding point in the transformer above, the ground wire should be through each other

The sensor is grounded. Single-core power cable metal sheath grounding should meet the design requirements.

9, single-core power cable cross-box, grounding box, protective cover and other cable accessories should be installed to meet the design requirements.

10, assembly, combination of cable terminals and joints, the various parts of the fit or lap must take plugging, moisture and sealing measures. Lead cable should be wiped when the surface seal

Oxide; boring time should not be too long, the seal must be dense without pores. Oil-filled cable seals should be carried out twice, once blocking oil, secondary forming and strengthening, high differential seal

Application of epoxy resin reinforcement. Plastic cables should be self-adhesive tape, adhesive tape, adhesive (hot melt adhesive), etc. sealed; plastic sheath surface should play hair, bonding surface solvent

To oil, bonding should be good. Plastic cable should adopt self-adhesive tape, adhesive tape, adhesive (hot melt adhesive), etc. sealed; plastic sheath surface should play hair, bonding surface application dissolved

Agent to remove oil, adhesion should be good. Cable Gland, cable terminal, connector and oil-filled cable supply line should not have leakage.