Explanation And Explanation Of Nylon Cable Tie

Know the nylon cable tie friends know that the use of nylon cable tie, if the pull will cause a strong nylon cable tie broken, and thus scrapped. And some friends have used this point to determine the quality of nylon cable tie, in fact, this is not desirable. Although the nylon cable tie to a certain extent to reflect its quality is good or bad, but not complete, if this is to judge is likely to cause some good quality products are mistaken for poor quality.

Nylon cable with its lifting force, applied to a certain intensity, whether it is broken, or anti-tooth, head cracking, how a break must be in the nominal value of tension above, as some users feel the quality of cable ties are also good Part of the selected specifications, can not be paranoid that the quality of the tie is not good, because a standard product standard value of the tension are bottom, when the use of the state of the force required more than the standard, Protection, and can only choose to replace the higher tension specifications of the product replacement, of course, the cost will rise, which is no way to do things. Of course, good quality cable tie is flexible, excellent ductility, will not appear directly when the fracture cross section, not brittle So that a greater degree of user satisfaction to meet the requirements of the scope of application, so as to achieve the possibility of reducing costs.

Nylon cable quality is good or bad can not be a single from a certain point to determine, for example, whether the appearance of nylon cable tie, etc., which in certain circumstances can also reflect the quality of the nylon cable tie. To determine the quality of nylon tie to consider from the more convenient, the following, Xiaobian will be detailed for everyone, how to judge the quality of nylon cable tie, need to know friends can focus on this site.