Construction Of PP Flexible Pipe Should Be Combined With Engineering Structure

PP Flexible Pipe construction should pay attention to not supporting the mast and accessories may not be used in the same scaffolding. Mast installation should be extended from one end to the other end, and by layer to change the erection direction, not relative to. After taking a step, you should check and adjust the level and vertical. Scaffolding should be continuous along the building around the synchronous erection of the building around the formation of a closed structure; if not closed, at both ends of the scaffolding should be added wall pieces.

PP Flexible Pipe When the scaffolding height exceeds 20m, should be in the scaffolding outside every 4 steps to set a horizontal reinforcement rod, and should be set in the horizontal layer with a wall; set the vertical horizontal reinforcement rod should be continuous and form a horizontal closed circle; in the scaffolding The bottom of the gantry should be added to the bottom of the mast, the mast of the inside and outside should be set on both sides of the long sweeping pole; horizontal reinforcement rod should be fastened with the door pole and fasten.

PP Flexible Pipe When the scaffolding erect height H ≤ 45m, along the scaffold height, the horizontal frame should be at least two steps; when the scaffolding erect height H> 45m. The horizontal frame should be set every step; PP Flexible Pipe no matter how high the scaffolding, should be in the scaffolding corner, end and intermittent within a span of each step set, the horizontal frame in its set level should be set continuously; Should be consistent with the relevant provisions, and with the cross-support specifications with the mast pole from the wall clearance should not be greater than 150mm; greater than 150mm should take the pick-off board or other off-port protection of security measures.

PP Flexible Pipe Scaffolding on both sides of the inside and outside should be set cross-support and should be on the pole on the pole on the lock pin lock; upper and lower mast assembly must be set to connect rod and lock arm, connecting rod diameter should be less than the diameter of 1 ~ 2mm. PP Flexible Pipe In the scaffolding of the operating layer should be full of shops and mast supporting the buckle scaffolding, and fasten the baffle, to prevent the scaffolding off and loose.

PP Flexible Pipe Combined with the structure of the project form, the actual construction characteristics, the building around the floor set up full-height closed all-button double-row steel scaffolding. This frame is a three-use, both for structural construction and decoration construction, PP Flexible Pipe while concurrently for security protection. Scaffolding erection with double single pole. The distance from the structure is 0.3m, the distance is 1m, the vertical distance is 1.5m, the layout of the large bar is 1.8m.