Comparison Of Application Of Nylon Cable Tie With Zash And Beam Line

If we are going to bundle some products, perhaps the first one will think of Zash and wiring, this kind of bundling products in general, is not suitable for some valuable products to be tied. These traditional bundling products still have a lot of shortcomings, take Zash, it is not easy to tie, and tied up laborious time-consuming, if you want to disassemble the words very difficult, accidentally will hurt the hand. And the purchase of wire binding items is very uneconomical, because the price of Zash is more expensive. Would it be better to switch to harness? Although the beam line in the image above is qualified, because it looks more beautiful, but it will still have a lot of defects, because the lashing object is very easy to loosen, and the beam line is generally a one-off, as long as after lashing it is very difficult to use the second time, although compared to the wire is good-looking and not easy to hurt, but the basic it is not used, and even use it than the wire is more cost-effective, because its price than Zash more expensive.

The birth of Nylon Cable Tie overcomes the drawbacks of Zash and harness lines, as a result of inheriting the advantages of Zash and harness line, and its overall price is very reasonable, so it will succeed in wire and beam extrusion of the original position, but also to take the two products. In the computer mainframe that we often use, it is absolutely impossible to use this kind of iron product, because the wire is very easy to conduct electricity, and if we want to disassemble the computer mainframe when using Zash class products for lashing, there is a great chance of being injured by wire, it is clear that the tie wire is not suitable for the computer host lashing this post. The same wiring cannot be used in place of a computer host tying the wire. Beam line of this type of low production of plastic polyester products is the most flammable products lashing, the use of computer mainframe caused by the hidden dangers, it can not be effectively binding products, so also do not recommend wiring. Since we can not use Zash and beam line, naturally we should think of Nylon Cable Tie such excellent lashing products, today's Digital city computer mainframe used in the lashing is generally Nylon Cable Tie.

Then why do we choose Nylon Cable Tie application in the mainframe computer? We know that if the host is too much use will produce high temperature, and Nylon Cable Tie of the ignition is very low, will not because of such a high temperature burning off. Secondly, Nylon Cable Tie strap is very strong, and can replace the beam line of course has its own strength, it will not be like the bundle line tied to the instability, so there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of shedding. After that, because of its high strength, will not occur like the beam line if the heat will appear softened phenomenon, Nylon Cable Tie heat resistance is only its ability in the tip of the iceberg, it has the ability to resist corrosion and cold hardiness is very strong. Then is the Nylon Cable Tie demolition is very convenient, it also has a lock interface, so it will not be like Zash as once tied up will be difficult to untie, as long as the use of the unlock interface can be easily loosened loosened. Nylon Cable Tie Low price advantage is also so that consumers are particularly pleasantly surprised, because it and the bundle line and wire, the price is very much less, in all the lashing products in the family, Nylon Cable Tie prices can be said to be the most inexpensive kind of lashing products.