Chemical Name And Standard Of Nylon Cable Tie

Nylon Cable Tie with UL approved nylon 66 (Nylon 66) material made of injection, nylon 66 chemical called polyhexamethylene adipamide.

Nylon cable tie is divided into GB and non-standard, under normal circumstances, 2.5mm for the 3 * GB, in fact, 3 * non-standard 1.8mm; 1.9mm; and 2.0mm. In fact, nylon cable tie do not have a limit, not the narrowest What I have just said is that the narrowest cable ties on the market are determined according to the specific use of the user's field, and the choice of width is mainly the choice of the size of the field used. The As for the pursuit of the narrowest width, which is in fact the demand for their cost of the price considerations and the response to the strategy - that is, the popular argument is to cut corners to reduce costs. According to the author of the market research and measurement of the data from the narrowest self-locking cable ties have emerged 1.4mm, and that should be re-classified strictly called the bar.

The length of use of nylon cable tie generally ranging from 2-5 years, due to the actual application of the environment, the state and so different. But also with the nylon cable tie model specifications, materials, styles will have different differences.

Traditional self-locking two years is guaranteed. The future will be with the natural oxidation of nylon raw materials will determine the gradual decay of performance, but also with the specific user requirements, like the United States some use of nylon cable tie industry has provisions of the outdoor nylon cable tie 1 year must be replaced to ensure performance , No quality accident. These products are a one-time consumables.

In short, in order to long life, try to choose pure material, size specifications, advanced production technology is appropriate.