Characteristics Of Solar Junction Box

Solar junction box is between solar components explosion-proof junction box
Square solar cells and solar charge control device between the connector is a set of electrical design, mechanical design and combination of materials science spans areas of the integrated design. Solar junction box is very important in the composition of solar modules, the main role is the solar electricity generated from the external circuit connection. Junction box through the silicone back panel glued together with the components, component within the PIN out through internal circuits are connected together inside the terminal box, internal wiring and external cables are connected together so that components and external cables pass. Diode inside the terminal box, ensure components are light works.
Solar junction box main features:
1. shell imports of advanced raw materials, it has a very high resistance to ageing, UV-resistant;
2. for outdoor use under harsh environmental conditions, using effective for more than 30 years;
3. can any built-in 2~6 terminals as needed;
4. all are connected with quick-connect plug-type connections.