Cable Gland Of The Transfer Effect Is Obvious

According to the installation site can be divided into indoor and outdoor two.

According to the production of installation materials can be divided into heat shrink (the most commonly used), dry bag, epoxy resin pouring and cold shrink.

According to the core material can be divided into copper power cable head and aluminum core power cable head.

According to the connector material is divided into plastic Cable Gland and metal Cable Gland. Metal Cable Gland is divided into porous metal cable waterproof connector, anti-bending metal Cable Gland, double locking metal cable waterproof connector, plastic hose Cable Gland, metal hose Cable Gland.

     A longer line. It is necessary to use a Cable Gland or cable transfer box, the length of the cable can not meet the requirements of the line. Usually short distance when the use of cable middle connector, but the line is relatively long, according to experience in the 1000M above the cable line, if the middle of the cable there are more middle joints, in order to ensure peace, in which the cable branch box to consider the transfer.

     Cable branch box is widely used in outdoor, with the progress of technology, and now with the switch cable branch box is also increasing, and rural cable are often used dual-loop power supply, so someone directly with the switch branch box called outdoor ring network Cabinets, but most of the current ring network cabinet can not be achieved with most of the automation, but manufacturers have been able to deploy automatic network of outdoor ring network cabinet, and all that the Cable Gland transfer effect is obvious.