Cable Gland Joint Works Play A Very Important Role

In the installation of electrical engineering, the Cable Gland and the middle connector, is the transmission and distribution Cable Gland in the important power equipment components, its role is to disperse the Cable Gland outside the shield cut off the electric field, the protection Cable Gland is not breakdown, and Internal and external insulation and waterproof and so on. In the Cable Gland line, more than 60% of the accident is caused by accessories, so the quality of the accessory accessories, the entire power transmission and protection of the safe and reliable play a very important role.

1, the conductor connection

Cable Gland Conductor connection requires low resistance and sufficient mechanical strength, the connection can not appear sharp corners. In the low-voltage Cable Gland conductor connection is commonly used crimping, crimping should pay attention to:

(1) select the appropriate conductivity and mechanical strength of the conductor connection tube;

(2)Cable Gland the inner diameter of the crimp and the diameter of the connected core to take 0.8 ~ 1.4mm;

(3) after the crimp joint resistance should not be greater than 1.2 times the cross-section conductor, copper conductor joint tensile strength of not less than 60N / m ㎡;

(4) before crimping, the outer surface of the conductor and the inner surface of the connecting tube coated with conductive adhesive, and the use of wire brush broken oxide film;

(5) Cable Gland connecting pipe, wire core on the sharp corners, burrs, etc., with a rasp or sandpaper polished smooth.

2, within the semiconductor shielding treatment

   Where the Cable Gland body has an inner shield, it is necessary to restore the inner shield of the connector of the crimp conductor when making the joint. The inner semiconducting shield of the Cable Gland shall be set aside so that the shield inside the connecting pipe can communicate with each other, To ensure the continuity of the semiconductor, so that the joint at the junction of the field strength evenly distributed.