Basic Requirements For Conductor Cable Gland

The mechanical strength of Cable Gland is high. The mechanical strength of the joint should not be less than 80% of the mechanical strength of the conductor.

Second, the Cable Gland resistance should be small and stable. The resistance value of the joint should not be greater than the resistance value of the same length conductor.

Third, Cable Gland corrosion resistance. For aluminum and aluminum connections, such as the use of fusion welding method, mainly to prevent residual flux or slag chemical corrosion;

For aluminum and copper connection, mainly to prevent electrochemical corrosion, before and after the connection, to take measures. Avoid the existence of such corrosion.

Otherwise, in the long run, the joint has the possibility of failure.

Four, the Cable Gland insulation performance is good. The insulation strength of the joint shall be the same as that of the conductor.

The installation requirements of Cable Gland should be noted

1, the production of Cable Gland, cable terminals and connectors, starting from the stripping cable should be continuous operation until completed, shorten the insulation exposure time. The wire core and the retaining insulating layer should not be damaged when stripping the cable. Additional insulation of the package winding, assembly, heat shrinkage should be clean.

2, oil-filled cable lines have connectors, should first make the joint, the two ends have a bit difference, should first make a low terminal head.

3, cable terminals and connectors should be taken to strengthen insulation, sealing moisture, mechanical protection measures. 6kV and above power cable terminals and connectors, should also improve the cable shielding end of the electric field concentration of effective measures, and should ensure that the external insulation and the distance between the ground. 66kV and above Xlpe cable terminals and connectors before making, the cables shall be heated and straightened as required. The installation process shall conform to the requirements of the installation instructions and the installation drawings.

4, three-core oil-paper insulated cable should retain the package insulation 25mm, no damage. Remove the shielding carbon ink paper, the end should be flat. Bending wire core should be evenly forced, should not damage the insulating paper; The bending radius of the wire core should not be less than 10 times times its diameter. When wrapping or pouring or filling the insulating material, the waterproof joint should eliminate the air gap at the line core branch.