All Aliphatic Polyamide Nylon Cable Tie Are Linear

All fatty aramid Nylon Cable Tie is a linear structure, a skeleton composed of a nylon tie chains CN-, has a good flex resistance, and therefore is typically a thermoplastic polymer. NYLON belt regularly alternating Arranged a strong polar acid amine compilation, the molecular chain is structured, with a strong ability to crystallize.

Polar amino acid can form an oxygen bond between the Nylon Cable Tie, since the hydrogen atoms on the amine acid G a Nylon Cable Tie strap is attached to the nitrogen atom of a proton granted body, another amine acid compile NYLON belt The oxygen atom attached to the carbon atom is a proton acceptor, and the two are attracted to each other to form an X chain. Nylon cable tie, stainless steel cable ties, cable clips, cable ties manufacturers form hydrogen bonds increases the force between the Nylon Cable Tie. Crystallizability of the polymer is further enhanced, and also that the melting point of the polymer L high. On the other side, the flexibility of the nylon cable tie is good. Due to the different varieties of polyamide, the number of carbon atoms in the monomer is different. So that the number of hydrogen bonds formed between the nylon cable tie and the density of the hydrogen bonds along the nylon cable tie are different. Affecting the crystallization capacity of different polyamide and the melting point of a significant difference. The larger the ratio of hydrogen bonds formed between the acid amines on the molecular chain, the stronger the crystallinity of the material and the higher the melting point. Different polyamide formation of hydrogen bonds are as follows:

(1) For p-type polyacidamines, where the monomer contains an odd number of carbon atoms, the acid amine can be 100% hydrogen bonds. Where the monomer contains even carbon atoms, nylon ligament on the acid amine group only 50% can form hydrogen bonds.

(2) Polyamide mp type, where the two monomers are those containing an even number of carbon atoms, Nylon Cable Tie strap Thalidomide G form hydrogen bonds may be 100%. In two monomers which contain in one or two Odd number of carbon atoms, nylon cable tie on the acid amine can only 50% to form hydrogen bonds.

Summarize the above rules can be drawn: regardless of p-type or mp-type polyamide. Where the single towel all contain even a few methylene, the polymer Nylon Cable Tie on the acid can destroy 100% can form oxygen bond, nylon cable tie, stainless steel cable ties, steel nail line card, Nylon Cable Tie manufacturers All or one of the monomers contains an odd number of methylene compounds, the polymer of the phthalamide can only form 50% hydrogen bond.