The performance advantages of nylon nut

Physical properties
1. head and torsion strength screw joints
2. the nylon nut thread size must be standardized. Due to water absorption resulting in different environment different nylon material the size difference, this standard does not strictly metal nut.
Chemical property
1. acid resistance
2. alkali resistance
3. fire rating
4. insulation
Advantages and disadvantages of
1. compared to ordinary metal nuts, Nylon nuts's biggest advantage is his good insulation properties, do not conduct electricity.
2. as a result of non-metallic manufacture, in the current or other signals will not produce Eddy current signal interference, such as under the influence and its anti-jamming a bit suitable for communications and other industries.
3. the nylon nut acid and alkali good, one of the best of PVDF-nut followed by pp, both of which have strong acid and alkali resistant properties, Nylon nuts than the first two, strong acid strong alkali resistance properties are relatively poor, so in the strong acid and alkali environment in electroplating industry, especially PVDF-nut nylon nut has a wide range of applications.