Stuffing for different purposes

Cable gland for cable lock or a Cabinet box, cement and epoxy resin sealed. It has a simple structure, low cost, diversified forms, securely, easy to use, good sealing effect and so on.
According to different uses, cable gland can be divided into welded, riveted, clamp, tube-type and other forms, available in carbon steel, brass, stainless steel or nylon material, depending on the stuffing box can be equipped with cable diameter ranging from 5-57mm.
Stuffing has been widely used in shipbuilding, power distribution Cabinet production factories, locomotives, bridges, electricity and communications and many other industries.
Filler letter form: welding type (TH), riveted type (TM), clip tight type (TJ), square flange type (TF), triangle flange type (TS), round flange type (TY), tube type (TG) cable filler letter, de standard thin type clip tight type (TJ), has grounding cone circle (KVM-Z), no grounding cone circle (KVM-W)
Thread: M16X1-M72X3
Optional materials: Q235A,304,316,316L, brass