Plug manufacturing method

A) small plug: whole formation;
B) large and medium plug: mosaic-with most of the standard requirements for it;
C) extra large plugs: transport and open the job requirements, first split, then welded together.
Dish-type plug r avoid stitching, thin, high-stress reduction.
When splicing requirements only allow a combination of radial and circumferential weld direction. Large plugs may cancel this request later. Mosaic distance requirement greater than 3 δ and not less than 100mm (welding heat-affected zone is a high stress, and loss of chemical composition in the area. So to avoid high stress area and thickness in the region. According to practical experience, stress is 3 in length δ, and not less than 100mm). But refrigeration equipment is difficult to meet the requirement, and has its own characteristics.
Block head called plugs, plugs, hose plug is is a kind of mechanical fasteners, are sealed. For water, oil, steam and other media. Block head called plugs, plugs, hose plug
According to the different threads can be divided into: metric, Imperial, us
According to the different shapes: Hexagon plug, outer hex plug, taper threaded plug,
Taper threaded plug to inaugurate the deer hydraulic manufacture Square plug, Depending on the material into plastic plug, cold plug, 45# plug, stainless steel plugs, brass plug According to the different surface treatments are divided into: flange, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating.