Metal hose material has characteristics which

The ripple metal vlexible hose features:
1, recommended maximum allowed expansion of each wave: full height α = ± 24mm half-high α = ± 12mm.
2, the ash plate: the pipeline can not use duct or less dust, flue should be used on the dusty gray.
3, in order to reduce the number of corrugated pipe corrugated, cold-drawn 50% should be considered.
4, the standard half-high corrugated metal hoses suitable cross section area less than 4.6 square meters as well as flue dimensions are less than 1.5M than 0.6mm. Standard all-high corrugated metal hose all of the flue gas ducts.
Corrugated metal hose with good flexibility, resistance to fatigue, high pressure, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and many other characteristics, its relative other hoses (rubber, plastic hose) life is much higher, and so it has a higher overall economic efficiency. With the development of modern industry, high temperature resistant, resistant to high pressure generates more demand for corrugated hose of you.
Hose applicable scope: need to be fully flexible supply lines, preventing vibration quarter pipes, steam, gas, air, oil, petroleum, chemicals, etc are applicable.