Cable conductor shielded

Semiconductor shield cable shield within the body has, in making joint pressure must be restored to take over conducting part of the connector shield, in semiconductor mask to set aside part of the cable so that the connector shield on the connecting pipe can be connected, ensure that the continuity of the semiconductor, which makes joint takeover of field strength evenly distributed.
outside the semiconductor processing semiconductor shield of the shielded cable and cable connector insulation external homogeneous electric field of semiconducting materials and semiconductor shield cable, and played a very important role in the joint. Foreign semiconductor port must be neat and uniform requirements and insulation for smooth transition and increase at the cable connectors around the semiconductor pass adjacent to the cable outer shielding of semiconductors take.
and cable reaction force cone of processing construction Shi shape, and do inch accurate of reaction force Cone, in whole cone Shang potential distribution is equal of, in making make joint cable reaction cone Shi, General used dedicated cutting tool, also can with proper temprature slightly heating, with fast tool for cutting, basic forming Hou, again with 2mm thick glass repair scraping, last with sandpaper by rough to fine for polished, until smooth for to.
metal and grounded metal shield on cable and connector is primarily used to transfer the role of cable fault short-circuit current and electromagnetic interference shielded electric-magnetic field on the nearby communications equipment, operation of the earthing of the metal shielding is in good condition at zero potential, when the cable after a failure has occurred, within a very short time it has conducted short circuit current capacity. Reliable earthing line welding, cable on both ends on the body of the metal shield and armor solid welding, grounding Terminal should be reliable.