Basic properties of plug

Plug: just do not need to fill up the pipeline, played a close role. Blind plate, head and Cap of the same. Plugs for concrete (concrete) plugging holes with products made from. to block concrete round hole slab two small cylinder with a circular hole to prevent pouring concrete into the plate hole Welding plug the welding will hole up. Plug plugs into the Quartet, hexagonal plug, round plug, enforce standards ANSI B16.11,GB/T14383,BS 3799, Plug, also called caps, hijab, pipe covering, bulkhead, by means of the plug mounted on the pipe end male pipe fitting. Closed-circuit, and plug the same, directly on the spin in the pipe, you do not need other pipe fittings. Plug including male plug, conical shell, reducer, flat design of the cover and tighten. Male plug Male plug included, oval domed plug plug, saucer and spherical-shaped plug plug.