Waterproof Brass NPT Cable Gland

Product Details

Waterproof Brass Nickel Plated IP68 NPT 3/4 thread type Cable Gland with CE ROHS

This Waterproof Brass Nickel Plated IP68 is NPT3/4 brass cable gland. It is used for NPT thread. The cable range is 13mm-18mm. 

Thread O.D: 3.1-88.6mm.

Thread length: 7-15mm.

Spanner size: 14-94mm.

Material: Body is Brass Nickel Plated. O ring is made of NBR.

Waterproof rate:IP68

Temperature resistance:-40℃ to 100℃.Short time up to 120℃.

Function: Used for cables' connection, waterproof,dustproof.